The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a powerful network of young individuals who work to support Rockflower initiatives.

About the Youth Advisory Board

YAB News

The Rockflower Youth Advisory Board is comprised of between nine and eleven young adults, ages of 17 - 30 at the time of appointment, who support Rockflower as follows::

  • Ambassadorship: Act as spokespeople for Rockflower through digital/social media, peer groups, and public engagement.

  • YAB Projects: Generate annual plans for supporting Rockflower and Rockflower partners initiatives.

  • Fundraising and Marketing: Support fundraising and marketing objectives with a emphasis on online fundraising initiatives and social media promotion.

  • Youth Voice Consultation: Provide youth perspective and consultation for Rockflower Partner initiatives and to Rockflower Leadership

Youth Advisory Board GUIDELINES

YAB members selected by Rockflower will be expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 17-30 at time of application and election.

  • Demonstrate skills, experience, and / or interests that align with Rockflower’s mission.

  • Be able to commit to a minimum one-year term YAB membership.

  • Be willing to represent Rockflower as a spokesperson through their own social channels, through Rockflower-managed promotional channels and through public engagement opportunities.

  • Be willing to lead and complete at least one Rockflower approved project per year. A Rockflower project must contribute financially and / or materially to the goals and needs of Rockflower and/or a Rockflower partner.

  • Communicate via a written report to Rockflower Leadership every 6 months of YAB tenure, how you have fulfilled membership expectations and how you plan to fulfill membership expectations during the next 6 months.

If you are interesting in joining the Youth Advisory Board, please fill out and submit the online Application form.