Community Services Program - Pakistan Case Study

community services program

The relationship between the Community Services Program ("CSP") and Rockflower began in 2005 after the devastating earthquake that killed over 200,000 in the hills of Ajad Jammu and Kashmir. Tine Ward, Rockflower's founder, traveling as an observer with Refugees International, was struck by how little international aid actually reaches those living in the farthest reaches of a disaster zone. People were preparing to rebuild their lives, armed with as little as a bucket and a roll of wire.

CSP works to improve the lives of those living on the margins and continues to work with the most disenfranchised and hardest to reach of humanity.  

To date Rockflower has partnered with CSP on two projects, a Maternal Health Center and a economic empowerment and training program, The Pehran Project, wherein women learned the art of Pehran, a traditional craft of Kashmir.

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The Maternal Health Center project grew out the of Pehran Project, when 25 women who had been part of the Pehran Project, realized economic empowerment would mean little if it did not go hand in hand with healthcare. The interlocking connection of the Five Keys is a fundamental component of Rockflowers and CSPs work. We look forward to supporting further CSP projects in education in 2018.

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