The name Rockflower embodies the idea that women and girls are both the Rock and the Flower.


Women and girls are a key component in the search for solutions to otherwise complex and often seemingly impossible problems.

The inspiration for ROCKFLOWER began at the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, in a working session entitled “Filling the Financing Gap”. I listened as the panel discussed the need to create more high risk, long term investment funds to enable previously untapped resources to flow into areas where success could be measured not just by a return on investment but by changes in livelihoods.  As Founder of The Darfur Project I was focused on delivering immediate lifesaving aid to the devastating humanitarian crisis of Darfur. However it soon became clear that a more long term solution to solving some of the world's most pressing problems and therefore, further crises such as Darfur, was to find a way to effectively invest in women and girls.

I set about talking to experts in the fields of social investment, economic empowerment, disaster relief, governance, education and health. I wanted to know exactly how to produce real and lasting impact in addressing the root causes of the myriad of issues facing development and aid.  One solution kept appearing over and over again and that was to find a way to put the money directly into the hands of the women, to give them an opportunity to access their integrity and in doing so move millions into a new investment class, investing in themselves.

Women in the developing world overcome the most impossible odds and yet somehow still find the grit and inner resolve needed to get things done.  Many times this is because as mothers and providers they discover innovative and adaptable solutions necessary to protect, educate and care for their children. Having spent the last seven years on my own personal journey of restoring my four children to a place of safety and security, I am now more aware than ever that a new economic paradigm is needed based on the logic of mothering. To love, nurture and respect but most especially to share - ideas, knowledge, best practices and resources.

The name ROCKFLOWER embodies the idea that women and girls are both the Rock and the Flower, and that true strength is found in gentleness. In combining both - a steadfast, bold and resolute path will emerge.  The purple flower in the accompanying photograph grew from a rock in my garden in Pound Ridge, New York. It became a sign for me, to continue to keep the vision alive, to understand that Rockflower was to be the gardener, working to support large and small root systems. It was essential to continue to water the seeds of the idea, regardless that it would take years for the shoots to appear. Faith is an understanding that you must always continue to water, despite seeing no outward evidence of any results.

Thanks to all of those who stayed with the vision of ROCKFLOWER and waited patiently for the fruit to appear. Co-operation and collaboration are the principles we are founded upon. ROCKFLOWER is a trusted independent vehicle for transformation – from impossible to possible. We intend to seek out those with a skill for innovation and adaptation, and reward those who combine risk with accountability, finding ways to measure success without getting lost in red tape.  We will share our failures as well as our successes and be humble in our approach to recognizing what works and what does not but most importantly understanding WHY it works.

ROCKFLOWER: radical idealism, practically realized.


July, 2014