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Rockflower is a fund of radical idealism that is practically realized through the precise application of investor capital into projects and services designed to bring about the highest potential for improved quality of life for women and girls. This investment connects everyone and everything – regardless of size – every single dollar amount invested into Rockflower contributes to the potential for global peace and prosperity.

We are so grateful for your contribution.

Make a donation to Rockflower and choose a Five Key(s) you wish to fund. 100% of your donations go to our partner projects.


Current Campaign

Make a donation to our current Causevox campaign. Your donation will be used for the specific partner project showcased.


Become an Investor

Rockflower welcomes corporate and private investment in Rockflower, used to fund partner projects both large and small.


Join the Catalyzer Collective

Apply to join our Global Ambassadors or Youth Advisory Board in making a difference around the world for women and girls.


Alternative Investments

Rockflower accepts cryptocurrency donations in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through our partnership with Coinbase.


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