Rockflower Integrates with Coinbase to Support Cryptocurrency Donations

Rockflower integrated with Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency wallet and platform, to allow donors to contribute using the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin currencies.

By integrating with Coinbase, which is currently used by over 13 million consumers and 48,000 merchants worldwide, Rockflower can accept donations directly from a donor’s digital wallet via desktop or a smartphone.

"Rockflower has recognized crypto as a groundbreaking technology with the potential to not only change charitable giving, but the development and venture philanthropy landscape as a whole ,” said Tine Ward, Founder and CEO of Rockflower. “We will continue to assess how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be used to ensure that every woman and girl has access to The Five Keys in building prosperous and successful lives."

Crypto-based donations can be made online by visiting

Rockflower Funds Prenatal Health Services in Uganda


As part of the "S.O.U.L Foundation Project" partnership, Rockflower and the S.O.U.L Foundation completed a campaign that will provide prenatal healthcare services to women in Uganda. Prenatal services are targeted at preventing three common delays:

  • The delay to seek care
  • The delay to reach proper medical services, and
  • The delay to access quality care

by expanding:

  • Training in critical prenatal and postnatal care, financial and family planning, nutrition, breastfeeding, and positive health behaviors.
  • Provision of maternal health classes and ultrasound screenings
  • Administration of birthing kits and prenatal vitamins.

The campaign raised funds to provide prenatal healthcare services to 470 women.

Read more about the project on our "S.O.U.L. Foundation Project" partner page and check back for updates on the participants progress.

This Initiative was led by Rockflower Global Ambassadors Emily and Taylor Washburn. Congratulations to Emily and Taylor and the Rockflower / SO.U.L. Foundation team for completing this very successful campaign.

Rockflower Funds Training of Birth Attendants in Guatemala


As part of the "SAVING MOTHERS School of POWHER" partner project, Rockflower and Saving Mothers completed a campaign to support training  of traditional birth attendants (Comadrona) in the rural areas of Guatemala. Project funds will be used to provide training in:

  • Clinical knowledge on prenatal care
  • Basic obstetric practice, and
  • Emergency management

Campaign funds will be used to train 25 Comadora. Each Comadrona has around a 25-year career. We estimate newly trained Comadrona can change the lives of 50,000 Guatemalan women over the next 25 years.

Read more about the project on our SAVING MOTHER School of POWHER" partner page and check back for updates on the participants progress.

This Initiative was led by Rockflower Youth Advisory Board members Hannah Delany and Isabella Ward. Congratulations to Hannah, Isabella, and the Rockflower / Saving Mothers team for completing this very successful campaign.

Expanding Clean Cooking Technology in Nairobi, Kenya


The Mukuru Clean Stoves Project is a collaboration between Rockflower and Mukuru Clean Stoves, a social enterprise that produces affordable, clean-burning cook stoves in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Mukuru Cook Stove Project will provide funding to Mukuru Clean Stoves to significantly expand the sale and reach of Mukuru clean-burning cookstove technology through the creation of an innovative "Lease to Own" program. The project would fund:

  • The production of 200 clean burning stoves.
  • Setting up the Lease to Own" program.
  • Training to 200 households in the proper use of clean stove technology.
“Facilitating the transition to clean cooking and heating contributes to fundamental development benefits, including improving people’s health, reducing air pollution, and enabling mothers to spend more time with their families and pursue economic opportunities. The focus now is on scaling up activity through innovative market-based approaches and by mobilizing private financing, and on applying the lessons we have learned from years of engagement in the sector.”
-Riccardo Puliti, Senior Director for Energy and Extractives at the World Bank

Find out more about the Expanding Clean Cooking Technology fundraising campaign.

The Expanding Clean Cooking Technology campaign will be led by Rockflower Youth Advisory Board member Elisabeth Hardardt.

Eliminating Poverty Through Entrepreneurial Training of Young Women


80% of Kenyans live in rural areas, where unemployment is high and access to financial services limited. In Kisumu county, formal financial inclusion stands low at 25% in rural areas where women and youth are marginalized the most. Although a growing number of financial institutions are working to promote the growth of small businesses, often they do not lend to women for lack of entrepreneurial skills.   

Rockflower partnered with Jiwo Paro, a community based organization working to eliminate poverty by expanding access to capital, education, and entrepreneurial opportunities for women and youth in resource impoverished areas in Kenya. Entrepreneurship training will allow participants to join a network of fellow entrepreneurs from whom they will continue to curate their business and financial management skills.

Support the Kisumu County Women Entrepreneurship Project by visiting our campaign page.

The campaign is led by Rockflower Youth Advisory Board Members Lulu Ward and Connor West.

Rockflower Launches Campaign to Fund Clean Cooking Technology In Nairobi, Kenya

Rockflower partnered with the S.O.U.L Foundation to save the lives of thousands of rural, Ugandan women. This will be done through maternal health outreach by empowering and educating community members on the importance of ANC and key preventable obstetric complications that proper care can help them avoid. Through this project, S.O.U.L. will train, empower, and educate mothers and community partners and provide life-saving maternal health services.

Rockflower Welcomes Emily Chandler and Taylor Washburn as Global Ambassadors

Rockflower's Global Ambassadors advance the cause of empowering women around the world by supporting Rockflower partner projects as well as visiting partners and providing feedback.

We are happy to welcome our first Global Ambassadors, Emily Chandler and Taylor Washburn.

Emily and Taylor's first project will be raising funds for Rockflower's partnership with the S.O.U.L. Foundation to empower women to deliver with dignity in rural Uganda.

In addition to spearheading a fundraiser for the S.O.U.L Foundation Project, Emily and Taylor plan to visit S.O.U.L and report on the impact of the funding as a way to celebrate their upcoming marriage and use their honeymoon as a practical and useful experience. 

Rockflower Partners with S.O.U.L Foundation on Maternal Health Project

Rockflower 1.jpeg

Rockflower is pleased to announce a new partnership S.O.U.L Foundation, a community-based organization in Uganda focused on education, women's empowerment, food security, and maternal health.

Rockflower's partnership with S.O.U.L will support the empowerment of women to deliver with dignity in rural Uganda.

Find out more about the S.O.U.L Foundation Project

First Phase of the Pehran Project Begins

On July 6th, Community Services Pakistan began a three month training of 25 young women in the art of Kashmiri Pehran. The objectives of the Pehran Project are to establish a women's handmade Gurase Valley brand to increase the visibility and value of female hand-made products and to increase the skills and opportunities for the young women, many of whom have only a primary level education. 

Progress on The Coastal Villages Deserted Womens Project in Tamil Nadu

The Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training began implementing the women's empowerment project among the single women headed families in Manamelkudi block in the month of March 2017. Starting with 25 women in Palkudi village, the objectives of the project were to create a platform for economic empowerment, to increase self confidence and self dependency and to provide viable credit assistance to create employment opportunities. 

Pilot Project Begins for the Women's Collective in Astillero, Nicaragua

Rockflower has partnered with Casa Congo and the Tejedoras to develop a pilot project to kickstart a Women's Collective which will allow these women an opportunity to further expand upon their business ideas with access to credit.  The first phase of the pilot project began in late July with an early stage investment into a juice and smoothie bar. The Tejedoras will be trained in all aspects of juice, smoothie and ice-cream production and will be responsible for the day to day running and management of the venture.