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One of our main goals at Rockflower is not to overcomplicate things, for ourselves or for our partners. The obsession with due diligence, data and proof of concepts can prove to be extremely onerous for small community-based organizations and start up social enterprises. The key is to balance what is needed to determine lessons learned, with efficient use of funds, whilst maintaining an open mind to the unmeasurable.

Esther Dufflo, one of the world’s leading development economists wrote in an article, “The Audacity of Hope”, for The Economist in 2012 that something as unscientific and unquantifiable as hope can be the missing link between success and failure.  

We call this the Currency of Mind. After all, it is the willingness to push further when something seems impossible or unreachable, that carries us forward to the outcome. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the ways our partners demonstrate how to squeeze every cent out of every dollar to the maximum effect and ensure that every life is treated with dignity and appreciation.

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Cherehani Africa

Cherehani Africa is an excellent example of a Rockflower partner who benefitted from relatively small early investment and is now on track to become one of Kenya’s leaders in democratizing entrepreneurship for women in East Africa.

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CSP - Pakistan

Rockflower and Community Services Program - Pakistan have completed several projects together, each linked together by The Five Keys. The CSP provides a vital link in development and opportunity for women living in rural Pakistan.

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Ugandan Women Advocacy and Development Services is a community based organization working to provide economic opportunities to those women and girls who would be otherwise be left out of the development equation.