Empowering women farmers through innovation

Rockflower Commitment: Fund expansion of cost-effective new partnerships and private sector approach to join KickStart in its plans to lift one million more people out of poverty
Location: East Africa (excluding Tanzania and Kenya where long-standing programs exist.)

A woman’s role in rural Africa predominately involves caring for the children and taking care of the household, while the man of the household often provides financial support. Increasing opportunities for a woman to earn more income enables her to contribute more to the family’s financial needs and raises her standing within the household and larger community.

KickStart realized that with affordable irrigation tools, female smallholder farmers can go from not even growing enough food to feed their family to starting a profitable business selling their crops year round.

Now KickStart is expanding a new regional program to lift women, men and children in East Africa out of poverty. Their goal through this program is 12,000 more people out of poverty in 2015 alone.


About kickstart international

KickStart International is an award-winning, nonprofit social enterprise with a mission to lift millions of people in Africa out of poverty—by enabling them to make a lot more money—quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably.

KickStart designs and mass-markets a suite of “MoneyMaker” branded irrigation pumps. These durable, manually-operated, low-cost pumps ($70 and $170 with hosepipes) are bought by poor farmers and used to irrigate their crops to grow multiple cycles of high-value fruits and vegetables per year, and harvest and sell them when the prices are highest.

On average, farmers earn an additional $700 profit per year—a huge amount for families living on at most a few dollars a day.

KickStart's impacts include more than:

  • 250,000 MoneyMaker Pumps Sold
  • 160,000 Profitable Farming Businesses Created
  • 800,000 People Lifted Out of Poverty
  • 140,000 New Jobs Created
  • $130 Million/Year New Profits & Wages - earned by farmers, their employees, and even more earned from new investments enabled by this income
  • 10 Million People Fed with Fruits and Vegetables Grown with the Pumps

KickStart’s solution provides the poor with the opportunity they most desire—to create a better life for themselves and their families. KickStart’s pumps have already created transformational change for tens-of-thousands of families across Africa, but millions more can achieve income and food security and lift themselves  out of poverty.


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