everyone forever

Rockflower Commitment: Fund increased capacity to engage more women in the production, distribution and consumption of clean and safe water.
Location: Rwanda

For the past twenty years Water for People has been promoting gender sensitive water and sanitation programs that integrate the needs of both men and women. Water for People strives to empower women in a traditionally male dominated space, consulting them in program design and recruiting them to water committees giving them voice and providing them with a forum to exercise leadership and in an area that is so important to their well being and that of their families.  

Water For People is partnering with national and district government, as well as local NGOs and communities, to eradicate water and sanitation issues. Everyone Forever is a new water program created to bring safe, sustainable drinking water and sanitation services to every home, every clinic and every school within county-sized districts. Founded on co-finance, capacity building, and monitoring, Everyone Forever creates high-functioning local institutions, Water User Associations, committed to water and sanitation services delivery. Our intention is to  towards complete independence, leaving communities with safe drinking water access and systems that will last and continue to flow long after Water For People is gone.  


About Water for people

Water For People is an international, nonprofit humanitarian organization that focuses on long-lasting, safe drinking water resources and improved sanitation facilities in the developing world. Water for People exists for one purpose: that all people have safe, continuous water.


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