Training of  Mobilizers

Rockflower Commitment: Fund 25 women for the two year Training of Mobilizers Program
Location: Syria 

For over a decade, the Institute for Inclusive Security’s training program has worked to better equip women leaders with the confidence, skills, policy language and connections to enable them to contribute to their full potential. Women play a critical role in ending hostilities, implementing peace agreements, and mobilizing their communities to begin the process of reconciliation and rebuilding post-conflict. The exclusion of women and of gender expertise from peace processes can actually lead to irreversible losses for women’s rights in the long term. The Training of Mobilizers Program (ToM) will invest in women’s leadership by strengthening individual and organizational capacity to advocate for peace in conflict affected countries.


About the Institute for Inclusive Security

The Institute for Inclusive Security is revolutionizing who makes decisions about war and peace. Because of the vital skills and knowledge that women offer, they support their leadership as an essential tool to prevent violence, stop war, and restore communities after deadly conflicts.

Inclusive Security supports policymakers by providing expert advice grounded in research that demonstrates women’s contributions to peace building. They strengthen women leaders through targeted training and mentoring, helping them to build coalitions, and connecting them to policymakers. They work with partners in the US and abroad to build just and sustainable peace.


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