Wino Village Water Project

Rockflower Commitment: Fund the construction of trenches to naturally irrigate clean water, three storage tanks, and the hiring and training of a team of local engineers to operate and maintain the system.
Location: Tanzania

In Tanzania, twenty-seven million people have limited or no access to clean drinking water. Inadequate and outdated irrigation forces rural women and children to travel great distances to collect fresh water.

In southern Tanzania’s Wino Village, local innovators have launched a project, the Wino Water supply and Hygiene (Wino WASH) Project, that will modernize Wino’s irrigation technology and bring clean drinking water to the village center, improving the sanitation and health of its 3,000 residents. Moreover, the irrigation project will liberate nearly 2,000 women and girls from the three-times-daily 2.5-mile trek through mountainous terrain to reach the river.

Wino village has seen a tremendous school drop out rate amongst girls as more and more are forced to take on this burden. Women have been unable to seek out profitable jobs in their communities, which might otherwise help support and feed their families. Job opportunities include sustainable farming, which also requires modern irrigation. Lastly, access to clean drinking water will help fight prevalent diarrhea and stomach diseases in the region, which also contribute to school drop out rates.


About WIno Village, Tanzania

Wino is in the southern part of Tanzania, in the Ruvuma region, about 110Km distance from Njombe town and 160Km from Songea town. Estimates indicate that about 70% of the population get access to water services at a distance of at least one kilometer away, this is especially challenging given that the location of the village is in a high escarpment surrounded by mountains. 

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