We need a new economic paradigm based on
the logic of mothering.

Rockflower is a venture philanthropy fund connecting global philanthropic capital to local initiatives in emerging economies seeking to improve and elevate the lives of women and girls.

Mother Earth is the greatest expression of the potential for a regenerative and reparative economy. The skill of mothering is in knowing just how far you can stretch to accommodate your children’s needs before recognizing that you are beyond your limit. Humanity has indeed pushed Mother Earth to her limit, and we need to apologize and make reparations before it is too late.

Rockflower was founded on the premise that we need a new economic paradigm – one based on the logic of mothering. You do not need to be a woman or a mother to practice the art of mothering, but you must understand and carry out it’s basic tenets - tolerance, compassion, empathy and a nuanced approach to risk and reward. A mother recognizes what qualities and talents already exist in her children and works to build on these and elevate their potential. It is not controlling or patronizing but nurturing and cultivating.

Rockflower works with those who weed, nurture, till and fertilize agents of change, who will reimagine a new earth, one of shared abundance and prosperity.

We direct investment to highly impactful programs and services through the framework of the Five Keys of Maternal and Reproductive Health, Education, Access to Food and Water, Economic Empowerment and Peace and Security.

We pick social entrepreneurs and local community-based organizations developing and scaling real solutions to their own problems.

We operate on a philosophy of radical idealism, practically realized. Radical idealism serves as the catalyst to drive all other concepts, ideas and principles that define Rockflower. It binds together a network of inspired, connected individuals to ensure the practical realization of a world where women and girls feel empowered, consequential and equal.

We understand that the taking in/giving out of money is only one aspect of investment. It also includes involvement, collaboration, cooperation, commitment, trust and optimism.

Our distinctive theory of change is in valuing the Currency of Mind™.

The "Currency of Mind™ is based on the premise that the mind is the most valuable and powerful currency that exists. Everything of value starts with an idea created in someone's mind. When you share an idea, it increases, it expands and takes on energy – becomes currency.

From the very beginning Rockflower has placed the Currency of Mind™ - the power of ideas, (and how those ideas can be brought to life through unblocking the flow of money to those within their own communities who have the greatest potential for growth) at the forefront of what we consider of most value.

Whilst money is still the currency of choice (and store of value) for now, new technologies are beginning to revolutionize the transactions in our lives and alter the ways many industries including philanthropy will transfer worth in the future.

Rockflower is designed as a gardener to connect those working within The Five Keys to a platform with access to funds, expertise, proven techniques and shared resources. It does this through a simple but direct strategy of partnership, collaboration and cultivation, which fertilizes and encourages depth of impact. We operate on the premise of shared abundance and prosperity – we never hold on to money – whatever comes in flows straight out to whatever project or partner’s needs are most apparent. In this way we perpetuate consistent flow for the Currency of Mind™ to exist.

Some partners may need a few seeds and a shovel, whilst others require an entire greenhouse and irrigation system. The size is not important, but the recognition of what is needed within each community to change the status quo is paramount.