Rockflower’s Philosophy

"What is Rockflower? 

An intermediary venture philanthropy fund which connects global philanthropic capital to local initiatives in emerging economies seeking to improve and elevate the lives of women and girls. 

We direct investment to highly impactful programs and services through the framework of the Five Keys. These are:  Maternal and Reproductive Health, Education, Access to Food and Water, Economic Empowerment and Peace and Security. 

We pick social entrepreneurs and local community-based organizations developing and scaling real solutions to their own problems. 

We operate on a philosophy of radical idealism, practically realized. Radical idealism serves at the catalyst to drive all other concepts, ideas and principles that define Rockflower. It serves as the glue that binds together everything that people feel about Rockflower - inspired, connected, empowered, consequential and urgent. 

Rockflower is a fund of radical idealism that is practically realized through the precise application of investor capital into projects and services designed to bring about the highest potential for improved quality of life for women and girls. 

This Investment connects everyone and everything. 

We understand that the taking in/giving out of money is an underlying principle of success but it is only one aspect of investment. Investment also includes involvement, collaboration, cooperation, commitment, trust and optimism.  

Rockflower seeks and aggregates investment to act as a connector, identifying the most promising and effective projects and partners. 

Rockflower’s theory of change is in valuing the Currency of Mind™. 

The concept of a "Currency of Mind™ is based on the premise that the mind is the most valuable and powerful currency, i.e. means of exchange, that exists. Everything of value starts with an idea created in someone's mind. When you share an idea it increases, it expands and takes on energy – becomes currency. 

From the outset Rockflower has placed the Currency of Mind™ - the power of ideas - at the forefront of what we consider valuable. Our intention has been to consistently find ways to unblock the flow of money to those within their own communities whose ideas have the greatest potential for growth.

Whilst money is still the currency of choice (and store of value) for now, note that the ways we assign and transfer value are under review. New technologies are beginning to revolutionize many of the transactions in our lives and alter the ways many industries including philanthropy will transfer worth in the future. 

Rockflower is designed as a gardener that works to connect those working within The Five Keys to a platform with access to funds, expertise, proven techniques and shared resources. It does this through a simple but direct strategy of partnership and collaboration which fertilizes and encourages depth of impact. We operate on the premise of shared abundance and prosperity – we never hold on to money – whatever comes in flows straight out to whatever project or partner’s needs are most apparent. In this way we perpetuate consistent flow for the Currency of Mind™ to exist. 

The Five Keys exist individually and collectively to demonstrate the inherent value in an interconnected approach and mindset to our partners and their projects

These Keys provide a holistic approach to addressing the most critical challenges facing women and girls within their communities and larger societies - poverty, malnutrition, infant mortality, violence, conflict, lack of education and lack of representation. 

The Rockflower Flower Wheel demonstrates a wider understanding of our It Takes Five ™ concept, an unbroken connection from the center, the "Rock" to the five petals growing outwards in exponential layers of five. The key is in the overlapping nature. By applying each PRINCIPLE to each KEY to each SYSTEM to each OUTCOME - there exists the potential for a complete and regenerative model of transformation. 

This Catalyzer Effect is integral to how Rockflower operates. Every partner, project, idea, campaign or individual associated with Rockflower becomes part of the Flower Wheel, adding an individual layer to create more complex and fruitful dynamics. Nothing exists without connection to the whole. Whilst many of our projects are focused at any one time on one of the Five Keys, there is an understanding that all partners are working throughout the Five Keys to create the Rockflower garden. 

A key component of our approach has been the creation of our Catalyzer Collective - this includes different groups of individuals at various levels of engagement who through their efforts are helping to plant seeds, build gardens and pollinate existing habitats.  

Global Ambassadors are a small but growing group of young professionals who have shown a commitment to Rockflower’s strategy. They have helped to not only raise funds but through site visits and first-hand experience have immersed themselves in the everyday experience of our partners.

Youth Advisory Board are students and young professionals aged 16 to 30 who develop funding support for Rockflower partners through targeted crowdfunding appeals and who provide an ongoing youth perspective. 

Some partners may need a few seeds and a shovel, whilst others require an entire greenhouse and irrigation system. The size is not important, but the recognition of what is needed within each community to change the status quo is paramount.