Rockflower takes a deliberately holistic approach to addressing the most critical challenges facing women and girls within their communities and larger societies – challenges such as poverty, malnutrition, infant mortality, violence, conflict and lack of education are all interwoven, as are the solutions that could bring relief.

The Rockflower Wheel shows a wider understanding of this through providing an unbroken connection from the “Rock”, the center, to the “Flower”, the five petals growing outwards in exponential layers of five. The key is in the overlapping nature. By applying each PRINCIPLE to each KEY to each SYSTEM to each OUTCOME - there exists the potential for a complete and regenerative model of transformation.

At the center is the word “integrity”. By focusing on this central principle of wholeness and truth, and propelling that dynamism and energy outwards for the increase and exponential reward of others, our partners engage with all five principles of trust, compassion, clarity, equality and dignity, in order to proceed through the five keys and systems to ensure the desired outcomes.

Rockflower sources, evaluates and selects partners and projects based on their efficiency in addressing program objectives, commitment to monitoring, knowledge of communities and planning for local capacity building.

We then apply an interconnected comprehensive holistic approach to actively engage in and fund solutions for women to achieve safe, prosperous and productive lives, with a strong emphasis on due diligence, healthy strategic partnerships and reporting of outcomes.

“Our five senses are like openings through which we receive all perceptions that are then transformed into concepts and ideas.” 
— Arnaud Desjardins