Currency of Mind™

Here at Rockflower we work on the basis that everything is valuable - relationships, connections, conversations and thoughtful interactions. Whilst money is the currency of choice (for now) note that all forms of currency are under review. In the next twenty years the technology behind blockchain and other advanced financial technologies will revolutionize so many of the transactions in our lives. This will radically alter how we record and assign worth - for land rights, banking transactions and food transfers to name a few - all aspects of the new financial world will be something to wrap our minds around - and yet that's just it - the one constant in all of this will be the “Currency of Mind™"

If we lose sight of just how valuable that currency is we lose a fundamental reason for existence. If those of us who devote our lives to creating greater opportunities for those who, by material standards, have far less - are constantly working on the assumption that unity rather than separation is the key to success, we must put all of our weight behind the “Currency of Mind™ ". 

Rockflower is a global venture philanthropy fund working to improve the lives of women and girls by directing catalytic capital through the Five Keys. 

Through the “Currency of Mind™" approach - we look for partnerships and relationships that are not yet formed but have a high potential for success. We look for partners, leaders and social entrepreneurs willing to take a risk on an idea or a project that breaks them out of their comfort zones - by asking us to join them in that new space. We then draw the circle wider to include people and partners not previously invited into the circle. We see ourselves as risk takers and believers in the not yet seen. 

We will fail, we will make mistakes but more often than not by allowing ourselves to invest in the Currency of Mind™ we will allow ourselves the luxury of faith over fear. To be in the “not knowing” place and wait in patience to see what is revealed to us. 

By bringing this unquantifiable connection into existence through practical and measurable goals we are proving ourselves to be systems entrepreneurs who understand the value of shared and common goals, having lofty aspirations without losing sight of the practical and tangible measurements of change. Our tag line - “Radical idealism; practically realized” describes both our philosophy and our approach. 

We believe you can do both - you can imagine what seems impossible and yet not lose sight of the most basic of needs - sanitary towels, fertilizer seeds, sewing machines or plastic gloves during a health epidemic such as Ebola. Women and girls need a comprehensive commitment to funding all of the Five Keys, which is why we work with experts, practitioners and facilitators in all of these keys. We are a “picker” - a fund of funds who sources and works with the most promising, the most effective, and more often than not, the most courageous in their field. 

We are excited for what lies ahead.