Investing in Economic Opportunities for Deserted Women in India Shows Positive Results

In February of this year, Rockflower funded a pilot project to support the economic empowerment of deserted women living in coastal villages in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu. The fundraising campaign was part of Rockflower's partnership with the Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training (SPRIT), which focuses on creating sustainable economic development for female headed families after the loss of a spouse or desertion.

Rockflower Funds Initiative to Provide Vocational Training to 100 Young Women in Uganda

As part of the "Empowering Women and Girls to Overcome Injustice and Poverty" partner project, Rockflower and Hope for the Future Organization completed a campaign to fund vocational training and economic opportunities for 100 young women in Namasuba Village, Wakiso District of Uganda in East Africa.

Baking Project Fundraiser Will Bring Much Needed Investment in Ugandan Young Women

The Ugandan Women Advocacy and Development Services (UWADS) is a community based organization working in Mbale district, Eastern Uganda. It’s vision is to work towards a community where there is justice, fairness, care and love for the needy and equality for all of humanity irrespective of religion, sex, physical ability and political inclinations.

Rockflower Youth Advisors Francesca Ward and Connor West Complete Fundraiser for Single Women Headed Families in Tamil Nadu, India

Building on the crowdfunding initiative by the Rockflower Youth Advisory Board to promote and integrate themselves into the principles and funding potential of all Rockflower partners and projects, Youth Advisors Francesca Ward and Connor West have successfully completed a fundraiser for the Coastal Villages Project in Tamil Nadu, India. 

The partnership between Rockflower and the Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training will provide funding to enhance the economic empowerment of 150 deserted women. 
The program will run for three years with Rockflower providing the first 12 months of support and will provide a framework for credit assistance and training in income generating activities such as thatching, fishing and sea weed cultivation. 

Depletion of natural resources, the increasing lack of empowerment opportunities and less access to information all result in a lack of development and progress.  These factors ultimately affect the livelihood of every individual but in particular the extremely vulnerable community of deserted (widows/separated) women and their children. 

Gender discrimination and patriarchy are extremely prevalent and single women are especially meted out for subjugation. They are afforded scant respect and are denied any opportunity in decision making processes. 

Rockflower looks forward to a continued partnership with The Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training in the recognition of these women’s skills and capacity for financial independence and community voice.

Give Us Books Not Husbands

Rockflower recently completed a pilot project with the Women Advocacy Project in Harare, Zimbabwe for a six-month advocacy and awareness campaign on the prevention of child marriage and the intersection of the spread of HIV/AIDS. 

Women Advocacy Project is particularly focussed on building community based programs that will contribute to the shift in attitudes about the role of women and girls in society. Over 600 participants of the six month program said that it helped to initiate conversations amongst community leaders, especially men, and amongst parents on the negative consequences of child marriage. Working in the six communities of Mavuku, Tafara, Mbare, Waterfalls, Hopley and Danmark - Women Advocacy Project was able to reach schools, community organizations and churches in this targeted approach. 

Zimbabwe ranks amongst the top ten countries on the African continent with the highest prevalence of child marriage. One in three girls gets married before their 18th birthdays. The drivers of this are

  • poverty
  • limited access to education and
  • the traditional and cultural practices that promote child marriage

The economic, social and psychological effects of child marriage are well documented but the need to bring awareness to it's prevention and provide some alternative solutions lies first in creating an opportunity for continued advocacy within communities and across religious and ethic lines.  Then follows the all important conversation around education and access to reproductive healthcare. Girls with a secondary school education are six times less likely to marry early than those with no education at all. 

“It is our role as community members and leaders in different institutions and communities to take it upon ourselves to help communities understand the need to halt the scourge of child marriage. It is important to understand the unique and significant role that the Women Advocacy Project is playing in our communities and we must join these efforts and support them” headmaster at Mabvuku school. 
“It is evident that girls who marry early are left without the skills, knowledge and social networks to financially support their household, which maintains their low societal status and makes their families vulnerable to intergenerational cycle of poverty that hinders the development of the communities “  

Rockflower looks forward to a continued partnership with the Women Advocacy Project to promote this much needed dialogue. 

Rockflower Completes Funding in Support of Women Leaders

Women Leaders at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 

Women Leaders at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 

Providing continued impetus for Rockflower’s Youth Advisory Board and their ongoing crowdfunding initiative was the recently completed fundraiser for Rockflower partner The Institute for Inclusive Security. The goal was to raise funds to support the cost of sending one woman to the annual colloquium in Harvard in January.

Erika Weingarten Cupples, Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Institute for Inclusive Security, commented,

Rockflower's support was enormously meaningful to our efforts, and made it possible for three of our extraordinary women leaders to participate in the powerful event.

Were it not for you, and the many friends and champions whose support you helped rally to facilitate our important work, Alice Nderitu from Kenya, Visaka Dharmadasa from Sri Lanka, and Israela Oron from Israel would not have been able to join us. Your incredible gift allowed us to cover the expense of their travel to the United States, and thus share their inspiring stories with our next generation of leaders

We look forward to continuing our long standing partnership with The Institute for Inclusive Security and working with them to ensure that women are included at every level of peace and reconciliation negotiations and that their recommendations acted upon. 

Rockflower Launches Fundraiser to Empower Single Women Who Head Families in India

Rockflower launched a fundraiser to empower single women who head families in India. The fundraiser is part of Rockflower's "Sustainable Economic Development of Single Women Headed Families" partnership with The Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training (SPRIT) in Tamil Nadu, India.

The project will be carried out in 15 coastal villages in Tamil Nadu, India and will establish economic opportunities for 150 women over the course of 3 years.

The goal for this fundraiser is to empower 30 women with sustainable economic development practices by:

  • Extending credit assistance for appropriate income generation activities (Sea weed collection/ cultivation, Thatched roof making & Fish vending)
  • Organizing monthly meetings where the women can openly discuss their problems and explore the potential for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Providing regular training in family, business and leadership advancement skills. 

100% of the $3,000 goal will be donated to the SPRIT.

The success of this fundraiser will aid in establishing the framework to extend economic opportunities through credit assistance, support and training to 150 women for 3 years.

Please take a moment to visit the "Empower Single Women Who Head Families in India" fundraising page.

The fundraiser is being led by Youth Advisory Board members, Francesca Ward and Connor West, as part Rockflower's Youth Advisory Board Crowdfunding Project.

Rockflower Funds Takhar Education Initiative

Rockflower completed funding of an initiative to expand education opportunities for girls in the Takhar region of Afghanistan.  The fundraiser was spearheaded by Youth Advisory Board member, Olivia Corner, as part Rockflower's Youth Advisory Board Crowdfunding Project.

The goal of the fundraiser was to send 50 girls to school for one year. The funding went to tuition (including teacher salaries) and education supplies. The next school term starts in mid March 2017.

100% of the raised funds was donated to Afghan Connection.

Afghan Connection's CEO, Sarah Fane, had the following to say about the initiative:

"Afghan Connection is delighted to receive this wonderful support from Rockflower.  Funds raised will pay for 50 girls in a remote and impoverished area of North Afghanistan to go to school for a year. In this area, barely a single adult woman is literate and there is a great desire for the girls to go to school. Thanks to Rockflower and its supporters, 50 girls will have their lives transformed and in turn will transform the future for their families and communities."

Building on the success of this fundraiser, Rockflower plans to raise funds to provide educational opportunities for an additional 550 girls as part of Rockflower's Takhar Education Initiative.

Rockflower Partners with Common Ground for Africa to Create Education Opportunites for Disadvantaged Girls


Rockflower is pleased to announce a new partnership with Common Ground for Africa, a grass-root, community-based organization that has been working since 1995 to help thousands of families in the rural communities to improve their lives through training and advocacy.

Rockflower's partnership with Common Ground will provide funding to create access to education for disadvantaged girls in Kenya.

Find out more about the  project Lenana Girls High School 


Rockflower Partner's with Women's Advocacy and Development Services

Rockflower is pleased to announce a new partnership with Women's Advocacy and Development Services in Uganda. The UWADS is a community based organization working toward equality for all of humanity irrespective of religion, sex, physical ability or political inclination.

The partnership will fund campaigns to improve the livelihoods of girls and women through marketable skills training..

Find out more about the Giving Girls Marketable Skill for Livelihoods project.

Rockflower Completes Funding to Support Entrepreneurial Young Women in Kenya

Rockflower completed funding of an initiative to extend opportunities to young women to launch a tailoring business in Kenya.

Robert Mboya, COO & Co-founder of Cherehani Africa, thanked Rockflower for the support:

"We are really grateful to you and your team for your support with the fundraiser. The funds will go towards sustainably training and equipping 21 young women in Siaya with sewing machines and requisite skills to start and run successful tailoring businesses.
The opportunity to own and control productive assets in their own names provides a clear pathway out of poverty. The next step for us is to select the twenty one (21) beneficiaries from our list of applicants and immediately commence training. We will keep you updated on the training through stories by the recipients on their progress and update you on the recipients transition to individual business owners within their markets. Best Regards, Robert."

Building on the success of this fundraiser, Rockflower plans to raise funds for an additional 130 women as part of the Rockflower's Cherehani Project.

Rockflower Partners with the Community Services Program to Build a Maternal Health Center

Rockflower has had an ongoing partnership with Community Services Program (CSP) since the devastating earthquake in 2005. The CSP works throughout Pakistan's Azad Jammu and Kashmir region as well as Punjab on issues ranging from maternal health and gender equality to human rights and emergency relief and rehabilitation.

Rockflowers is building on an initial investment in a temporary Maternal Health Center facility that will provide funding for the construction of a permanent structure in Chiran. 

Find out more about the Maternal Health Center project.

Rockflower Launches Fundraiser to Send Afghan Girls to School for One Year

Rockflower launched a fundraiser to send Afghan girls to school for one year. The fundraiser will support education in Takhar Province, a remote area where the families of many young girls lack the resources to access an education for their children.

One year of school costs approximately $50, including tuition and education supplies. Completing this fundraiser will send fifty girls to a local school for one year, starting in March 2017.

100% of the $2,500 goal will be donated to the Afghan Connection, which has over 14 years’ experience successfully funding education, health and sports projects in Afghanistan, one of the toughest working environments in the world.

Please take a moment to visit the "About Takhar Education Initiative" fundraising page. Your donation will have a direct and tangible impact on the lives of 50 young girls - A gift tailor-made for the New Year.

The Takhar Education Initiative fundraiser is being lead by Rockflower Youth Advisory Board Member Olivia Corner.




Rockflower Partners with the the Women Advocacy Project

Rockflower is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Women Advocacy Project. The WAP is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization for women’s empowerment formed in 2012 in the city of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Rockflower's partnership with the WAP will fund a six month advocacy and awareness campaign for the prevention of child marriage and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Find out more about the Give Us Books Not Husbands project.