First Phase of the Pehran Project Begins

On July 6th, Community Services Pakistan began a three month training of 25 young women in the art of Kashmiri Pehran. The objectives of the Pehran Project are to establish a women's handmade Gurase Valley brand to increase the visibility and value of female hand-made products and to increase the skills and opportunities for the young women, many of whom have only a primary level education. 

Progress on The Coastal Villages Deserted Womens Project in Tamil Nadu

The Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training began implementing the women's empowerment project among the single women headed families in Manamelkudi block in the month of March 2017. Starting with 25 women in Palkudi village, the objectives of the project were to create a platform for economic empowerment, to increase self confidence and self dependency and to provide viable credit assistance to create employment opportunities. 

Pilot Project Begins for the Women's Collective in Astillero, Nicaragua

Rockflower has partnered with Casa Congo and the Tejedoras to develop a pilot project to kickstart a Women's Collective which will allow these women an opportunity to further expand upon their business ideas with access to credit.  The first phase of the pilot project began in late July with an early stage investment into a juice and smoothie bar. The Tejedoras will be trained in all aspects of juice, smoothie and ice-cream production and will be responsible for the day to day running and management of the venture. 

Encouraging Female Entrepreneurship in Rural Pakistan Through Support of Traditional Cultural Crafts

Bringing much needed training and economic opportunities to women living in rural Afghanistan was made possible through a fundraising campaign supported by Rockflower and The Community Service Program, a multi-disciplinary non-governmental organization working to generate and revitalize Kashmir's rural economy.

Investing in Economic Opportunities for Deserted Women in India Shows Positive Results

In February of this year, Rockflower funded a pilot project to support the economic empowerment of deserted women living in coastal villages in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu. The fundraising campaign was part of Rockflower's partnership with the Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training (SPRIT), which focuses on creating sustainable economic development for female headed families after the loss of a spouse or desertion.

Rockflower Funds Initiative to Provide Vocational Training to 100 Young Women in Uganda

As part of the "Empowering Women and Girls to Overcome Injustice and Poverty" partner project, Rockflower and Hope for the Future Organization completed a campaign to fund vocational training and economic opportunities for 100 young women in Namasuba Village, Wakiso District of Uganda in East Africa.

Baking Project Fundraiser Will Bring Much Needed Investment in Ugandan Young Women

The Ugandan Women Advocacy and Development Services (UWADS) is a community based organization working in Mbale district, Eastern Uganda. It’s vision is to work towards a community where there is justice, fairness, care and love for the needy and equality for all of humanity irrespective of religion, sex, physical ability and political inclinations.