One of the most valuable aspects of our work from the beginning of this idea in 2007 to when it began to take shape in 2012, has been in the building and maintaining of relationships. It can take many years to build mutual trust, understanding and collaboration, but that is where the true value lies.

In traditional venture capital the measuring stick is that 8 out 10 investments will fail, with 2 hopefully being winners. For profit capital is more loosely available for failure than fiercely guarded philanthropic capital. Rockflower has demonstrated that it is possible with careful and painstaking work to ensure that 8 out of 10 of our initial bets have not only succeeded but have opened up the opportunity for further investment.

This has led us to investigate the potential for a "seed to flower" fund, a complete and contained eco-system across five stages of growth. If having already invested time, effort and due diligence into these partnerships, it makes sense to be able to offer further funding when the need to expand and scale arises.

We have a proven eye for seeking out those with talent, skill and potential for expanding their ideas. One clear example is Charlot Magayi, Founder and CEO of Mukuru Cookstoves, who received the 2019 Waislitz Global Citizen Award.

Charlot Magayi recently said, "winning this award is a crucial validation to the work that my team and I are doing with the aim of significantly reducing household air pollution in Africa, and it boosts our commitment to making the world a better place by implementing the SDGs. Our partnership with Rockflower was a major stepping stone in terms of enabling us to create more impact and grow our business.”

As we look for the right partners and structures to take us to this next level we are confident that by employing the Currency of Mind™ we will grow into a trusted intermediary for the Development Finance Institutions and Multilateral Development Banks, providing a critical link in the pipeline in ensuring the $2.5 trillion needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.