Why Women and Girls in 2019

The case for investing in women and girls has finally found it’s moment. Every day new funding structures, organizations and giving platforms are emerging, devoted to increasing opportunities and equality for women and girls. Why is this happening now?

In large part this is due to decades of tireless work by global women’s rights organizations and movements who have relentlessly pushed for a more gender equal world.

"There have not been any major changes on gender equality and women's rights historically that didn't have organized women's groups pushing for them" 

Lydia Alpizar Duran, Association for Women's Rights in Development 

When women and girls are given equal rights to own land, start businesses, get educated, live free from violence and have access to reproductive health choices, societies show an overall improvement in security and productivity. When women are part of a country’s legal and constitutional framework, change happens at a core structural level. They spend more money on healthcare, infrastructure and education and less on wars and conflict. Women have an innate capacity to collaborate, to work horizontally across religious, ethnic and political divides. They access solutions from the center of the problem and bring a greater desire for inclusivity at all levels. Which is exactly why investing in women is the key to global peace and security.

According to a report commissioned in 2014 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) less than 1% of the billions of dollars of international funding goes directly to civil society organizations and less than 0.5% goes to women's rights organizations.

And yet in 2019, despite the relentless push for more funding for locally led solutions to improve the lives of women and girls, there still exists a huge shortfall, for those who not only need this funding most, but who are most adept at knowing what to do with it. They have the solutions to their own problems, because they live them every day.

In a recent report from UN Women, it is clear where progress has been made and how much there is still left to do.

Rockflower exists to contribute it's part in unblocking the kinks in the flow of funding to ensure money gets to where it’s needed most. We work through a framework of Five Keys - Peace and Security, Access to Water and Food, Maternal and Reproductive Health, Education and Economic Empowerment.

We recognize that funding strong, vibrant community led organizations and talented social entrepreneurs is THE most important key to driving real and lasting change.

We do this by applying an interconnected, comprehensive, holistic approach to actively engage in and fund solutions for women and girls to achieve safe, prosperous and productive lives.