Rockflower partners with community based organizations and social enterprises to provide innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to empowering women in developing economies through the application of The Five Keys.

Rockflower’s relationship with their partners is exactly that - a partnership - Rockflower provides valuable resources, insight, guidance, and expertise as well as monetary investment to help their partners expand their reach and prove program effectiveness.

From partners, Rockflower expects a commitment to collaborate with other Rockflower partners and organizations as well as giving Rockflower the authority to have programs be objectively evaluated via access to project data and reports.

To facilitate this relationship, Rockflower

  • Identifies the nature of a relationship with a potential partner

  • Defines what partner projects Rockflower can fund and support

  • Raises and facilitates investment

  • Verifies, tracks and helps manage projects, including ongoing verification of project goals and milestones

  • Helps partners evaluate program impact

  • Reports to investors and stakeholders on project success and created value

  • Promotes Partner Alignment by suggesting and rewarding collaboration between partners

Rockflower understands that impact is the most important measure of success - but not in an abstract sense or a line on a graph. Impact means having a demonstrable positive effect on the daily lives of these girls and women.  To increase that impact, Rockflower focuses on identifying partners conducting programs that are efficient, replicable and scalable.