By connecting global philanthropic capital with partner organizations through our Five Key Program Areas, Rockflower creates direct social impact targeted at women and girls.

Whilst programs, funders and giving platforms tailored to women and girls have increased in numbers there still exists a huge gap in funding, particularly to women led civil society organizations.

Rockflower is a venture philanthropy fund seeking to disrupt the traditional flow of philanthropic capital connecting directly with locally led grassroots organizations and social entrepreneurs who are working to improve the lives of women and girls enabling them to be the change agents in their communities.

Working through The Five Keys of Peace and Security, Access to Water and Food, Maternal and Reproductive Health, Education and Economic Empowerment, Rockflower recognizes that funding strong, vibrant community led organizations is the key to driving real and lasting change. 

"There have not been any major changes on gender equality and women's rights historically that didn't have organized women's groups pushing for them" 

LYDIA ALPIZAR DURAN, Association for Women's Rights in Development 

According to a report commissioned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) less than 1% of the billions of dollars of international funding goes directly to civil society organizations and less than 0.5% goes to women's rights organizations - Rockflower is working to change that statistic.  

Rockflower sources, evaluates and selects partners and projects based on their efficiency in addressing program objectives, commitment to monitoring, knowledge of communities and planning for local capacity building.

Rockflower then uses philanthropic investment to apply an interconnected comprehensive holistic approach to actively engage in and fund solutions for women to achieve safe, prosperous and productive lives, with a strong emphasis on due diligence, healthy strategic partnerships and reporting of outcomes.

To capture progress towards gender equality, greater investments are needed. We need to develop new measures and invest in higher quality data that more accurately reflects constraints on and expressions of agency…agency is the ability to make decisions about one’s own life, and act on them to achieve a desired outcome, free of violence, retribution or fear. The ability to make those choices is often called empowerment…
— JIM KIM - President - World Bank Group, 2014