Rockflower Youth Advisors Francesca Ward and Connor West Complete Fundraiser for Single Women Headed Families in Tamil Nadu, India

Building on the crowdfunding initiative by the Rockflower Youth Advisory Board to promote and integrate themselves into the principles and funding potential of all Rockflower partners and projects, Youth Advisors Francesca Ward and Connor West have successfully completed a fundraiser for the Coastal Villages Project in Tamil Nadu, India. 

The partnership between Rockflower and the Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training will provide funding to enhance the economic empowerment of 150 deserted women. 
The program will run for three years with Rockflower providing the first 12 months of support and will provide a framework for credit assistance and training in income generating activities such as thatching, fishing and sea weed cultivation. 

Depletion of natural resources, the increasing lack of empowerment opportunities and less access to information all result in a lack of development and progress.  These factors ultimately affect the livelihood of every individual but in particular the extremely vulnerable community of deserted (widows/separated) women and their children. 

Gender discrimination and patriarchy are extremely prevalent and single women are especially meted out for subjugation. They are afforded scant respect and are denied any opportunity in decision making processes. 

Rockflower looks forward to a continued partnership with The Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training in the recognition of these women’s skills and capacity for financial independence and community voice.