Rockflower Funds Initiative to Provide Vocational Training to 100 Young Women in Uganda


As part of the "Empowering Women and Girls to Overcome Injustice and Poverty" partner project, Rockflower and Hope for the Future Organization completed a campaign to fund vocational training and economic opportunities for 100 young women in Namasuba Village, Wakiso District of Uganda in East Africa. Donated funds will be used to buy

  • sewing and knitting machines

  • pay trainers, and

  • rent space

to teach tailoring and knitting, as well as, life skills. Learning these skills will to help young women with few other economic opportunities, to earn extra income by designing and making dresses, shirts, skirts and sweaters for sale in the local community.

Teaching life skills, in addition to vocational training, will help these young women make significant improvement in their own lives and wellbeing, as well as in the lives of their dependents and those in their respective communities.

Hope for the Future Organization expects that these 100 women will be able to increase their earnings by three dollars per day, or more, and their employment opportunities from 3% to 8% due to their training.

In addition, each beneficiary will be instructed in training other young women in the community, ensuring that this investment will reap further rewards in the local area as well as spread to neighboring communities.

According to Rose Namutebi, Chairperson of Hope for the Future Organization, "Gender inequality in time and resource allocation and usage is still large and persistent in all developing countries. Women and young girls are powerful agents of change and giving them opportunities to expand their potential to use their talents and energies, will advance their communities.

As such, we focus primarily on three areas: education (vocational and formal), entrepreneurship, and financial literacy among women."

Hope for the Future Organization was founded by women in Kampala, Uganda who wanted to address problems affecting women, young girls and their dependents by using local solutions and holistic approaches.

The fundraiser was led by Rockflower Youth Advisory Board member, Elizabeth Hardardt.