Baking Project Fundraiser Will Bring Much Needed Investment in Ugandan Young Women

The Ugandan Women Advocacy and Development Services (UWADS) is a community based organization working in Mbale district, Eastern Uganda. By focusing on girls education and prevention of early marriages and teen pregnancies, its work promotes the improvement of the status of young women through advocacy and empowerment,

Rockflower and UWADS are collaborating on finding creative solutions to provide training and tools necessary to jumpstart economic opportunities for young women.

To that end, we have started a fundraiser to raise money to launch a new initiative that will train young women in the baking trade.

The success of this fundraiser will help establish a framework of learning skills which in turn will extend economic opportunities to many more young women in eastern Uganda..

Please take a moment to visit the "Training Young Women to Bake and Earn Income" fundraising page.

The fundraiser is being led by Youth Advisory Board member, Hannah Delany, as part Rockflower's Youth Advisory Board Crowdfunding Project.