Rockflower Empowers Women and Girls in Cameroon Through Mentorship and Training


As part of the "Empowering Women and Girls Through Mentorship and Training" partner project, Rockflower and the African Youth Alliance completed a campaign to fund vocational training and economic opportunities for 60 young women in Bamenda, Cameroon. Project funds will be used to provide:

  • Training in soap production/body lotion and arts and crafts

  • Teaching reading and writing literacy skills

  • Basic bookkeeping and computer classes

  • Guidance and support in establishing small businesses

  • Workshops on women's rights, gender-based violence and leadership skills

60 participants, aged between 19-40 years and from the disadvantaged quarters of Bamenda, will be the direct beneficiaries of this project. Many of these women have few marketable skills, little formal education and training, and meager occupational opportunities.

Practical and targeted mentorship and training services will bring enormous positive changes and benefits to their lives.

Read more about the project on our Empowering Women and Girls Through Mentorship and Training" partner page and check back for updates on the participants progress.

This Initiative was led by Rockflower Youth Advisory Board member Mary Arkins. In addition to raising funds via donor outreach and social channels, Mary organized a sale of art work, donated by members of her local community. Congratulations to Mary and the Rockflower / African Youth Alliance team for completing this very successful campaign.