Rockflower Completes Funding to Support Entrepreneurial Young Women in Kenya

Rockflower completed funding of an initiative to extend opportunities to young women to launch a tailoring business in Kenya.

Robert Mboya, COO & Co-founder of Cherehani Africa, thanked Rockflower for the support:

"We are really grateful to you and your team for your support with the fundraiser. The funds will go towards sustainably training and equipping 21 young women in Siaya with sewing machines and requisite skills to start and run successful tailoring businesses.

The opportunity to own and control productive assets in their own names provides a clear pathway out of poverty. The next step for us is to select the twenty one (21) beneficiaries from our list of applicants and immediately commence training. We will keep you updated on the training through stories by the recipients on their progress and update you on the recipients transition to individual business owners within their markets. Best Regards, Robert."

Building on the success of this fundraiser, Rockflower plans to raise funds for an additional 130 women as part of the Rockflower's Cherehani Project.