Rockflower Launches Campaign to Provide Mentorship and Training Services to Women and Girls in Cameroon


Rockflower partnered with The African Youth Alliance to empower women and girls in Cameroon through mentorship programs and training. Our first initiative together will reach out to marginalized women and girls with mentorship and training opportunities through a 12-month pilot project in Bamenda, a city in northwest Cameroon.

Find out more about Empowering 60 Young Women Through Social Entrepreneurship campaign page.

The Empowering 60 Young Women Through Social Entrepreneurship fundraiser campaign will be led by Rockflower Youth Advisor Board member, Mary Arkins.

About The African Youth Alliance

The African Youth Alliance was created in 2001 and has been supporting highly marginalized young women to gain basic literacy and social entrepreneurship skills. They also assist with supporting employment opportunities and to improve the quality of their family lives. Women who openly identify with feminism in Cameroon are often marginalized and victims of psychological or physical violence.  Women are encouraged through the organization to come together and join the MAD (Making A Difference) Sister Clubs where they meet at least twice a month to freely talk about issues affecting them in their communities. Support is also given to the women in these clubs to learn new skills that can help them generate income to support themselves and their families.

The organization is female-led and volunteer-run. They have a core team of 5 volunteers, all women, supporting the community mobilizations, administrative work and undertaking some of the trainings with the women and girls.