Amanda Swenson

Rockflower Partners with the Amal Association to Provide Economic Independence in Samoumat


Rockflower is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Amal Association. The goals of the Amal Association of Samoumat include protecting those who are most marginalized within the community and promoting both socioeconomic and public health through coordination with local, regional, national and international organizations and authorities.

Rockflower will provide funding to purchase a projector, a whiteboard, 15 sewing machines, a table, and sports equipment for teaching classes that will lead to opportunities for economic independence.

Find out more about the Samoumat Economic Independence Project.

Rockflower Welcomes Amanda Swenson to be a Global Ambassador

Rockflower is pleased to announce the addition of Amanda Swenson to our Global Ambassadors.

Amanda is currently pursuing a joint Juris Doctor and Master’s in Public Policy at the University of Michigan. Amanda is passionate about international social justice issues, and her primary professional interests lie in the nexus between international law and socioeconomic development. She is proficient in Standard Arabic, Moroccan Darija, and Levantine Arabic, and she speaks intermediate conversational French.

We are excited to welcome her to our Catalyzer Collective!