Dancan Onyango

Rockflower Welcomes Dancan Onyango to be a Global Ambassador

Rockflower is pleased to announce the addition of Dancan Onyango to our Global Ambassadors.

Dancan is currently an MBA student at Babson College committed to economic and social change. In his native Kenya, Dancan co-founded Jiwo Paro, a social venture that serves a portfolio of predominantly rural and underserved women through microfinance and financial literacy programs and current partner of Rockflower. He brings 6 years of emerging-markets experience in private sector financial services with technical specialties in agent banking strategy, microfinance, and business models focused on low- and lower-middle income markets in developing economies. In-between studies, Dancan is currently engaged on a study of impact investing and is interning with Women World Banking in New York City.

We are excited to welcome him to our Catalyzer Collective!

Rockflower partner Jiwo Paro Receives Multiple Recognitions

Berlin again.jpg

Jiwo Paro and their co-founder, Dancan Onyango,have received a number of recognitions recently. In August, Dancan Onyango was selected alongside 13 other entrepreneurs across five countries in east Africa, to attend a Startup Collaborator Event by Enpact in Berlin, Germany. Rockflower has continued to provide professional development investment to Dancan and his team by covering the cost of transportation to Germany. The investment proved significant as Jiwo Paro won the Pitch Contest and will be participating in a year-long startup mentoring program.


Dancan was also awarded the prestigious Diversity Leadership Fellowship for 2018/19 at the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College, Massachusetts. Dancan provided some thoughts as to why he believes an MBA will impact his personal and professional development as well as gain him credibility in his respective field. “ I anticipate that on completion of the programme, I will have gained instruction from top notch professionals on how best to contribute to the regional and global discussion. I am also certain that the interaction with fellow counterparts from the programme will enrich my learning experience and further reinvigorate my drive to influence and be part of change in my community.”

Building on the Rockflower partnership, Dancan Onyango will be connecting with another of Rockflower’s partners Women’s World Banking at their event in New York on November 7th, Making Finance Work for Women.

We are excited to see what comes next for Dancan and Jiwo Paro.

In identifying me as a change maker, Rockflower has shown me that I can continue to believe that I am part of an emerging world community, whereby my actions contribute to building good and sustainable community practices. I am perfectly aware of the world beyond me. In distinguishing myself from the rest, I have learned to respect diverse values and practices. I am eager to shift my paradigm in solving world issues. Furthermore, I acknowledge that it is by working collectively to tackle issues that I can live to see many of the ideals I strive for in my community.
— Dancan Onyango