Why The Five Keys Matter

Earlier this month, Rockflower attended the “No Ceilings, The Full Participation Project” report launch. Hilary Clinton, Melinda Gates and Chelsea Clinton presented the findings of a year-long report in which data had been assembled to assess exactly how far we have come in the twenty years since the Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995.

It was encouraging to see that all of Rockflower's Five Keys were highlighted in these findings. I was also inspired that the report's clear conclusion that “We are not there yet” confirmed the Five Keys of Rockflower are at the center of a long-term paradigm for creating real change in the lives of women and girls.

However, through the work of so many organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls around the world, much progress has been made. Rockflower continues to focus on creating a holistic, integrated approach to investing in women in girls knowing it will produce real and substantive change.

Visit NotThere.NoCeiling.org to dig deeper into the gaps and gains women and girls have made in the last twenty years.