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Rockflower Partnership Aims to End Female Genital Mutilation in Rural Nigeria


Rockflower is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Society for the Improvement of Rural People (SIRP), an NGO devoted to providing voice and  service to the less privileged and vulnerable segments of the Nigerian society.

The partnership aims to provide support for a 12 month campaign in Akwuke, Enugu State to reduce the prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM) with a specific focus on keeping girls in school.

Based on research conducted by the Enugu State Ministry of Gender Affairs, Akwuke community scored an average of 81 – 85% in the prevalence rate of FGM practice in Enugu State. The "End Female Genital Mutiliation and Keep Girls in School" project aims to reduce this average to 45%.

Find out more about the End Female Genital Mutiliation and Keep Girls in School project.

Rockflower Funds Training of Birth Attendants in Guatemala


As part of the "SAVING MOTHERS School of POWHER" partner project, Rockflower and Saving Mothers completed a campaign to support training  of traditional birth attendants (Comadrona) in the rural areas of Guatemala. Project funds will be used to provide training in:

  • Clinical knowledge on prenatal care

  • Basic obstetric practice, and

  • Emergency management

Campaign funds will be used to train 25 Comadora. Each Comadrona has around a 25-year career. We estimate newly trained Comadrona can change the lives of 50,000 Guatemalan women over the next 25 years.

Read more about the project on our SAVING MOTHER School of POWHER" partner page and check back for updates on the participants progress.

This Initiative was led by Rockflower Youth Advisory Board members Hannah Delany and Isabella Ward. Congratulations to Hannah, Isabella, and the Rockflower / Saving Mothers team for completing this very successful campaign.

Rockflower Launches Campaign to Fund Clean Cooking Technology In Nairobi, Kenya

Rockflower partnered with the S.O.U.L Foundation to save the lives of thousands of rural, Ugandan women. This will be done through maternal health outreach by empowering and educating community members on the importance of ANC and key preventable obstetric complications that proper care can help them avoid. Through this project, S.O.U.L. will train, empower, and educate mothers and community partners and provide life-saving maternal health services.

Rockflower Partners with S.O.U.L Foundation on Maternal Health Project

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Rockflower is pleased to announce a new partnership with the S.O.U.L Foundation, a community-based organization in Uganda focused on education, women's empowerment, food security, and maternal health.

Rockflower's partnership with S.O.U.L will support the empowerment of women to deliver with dignity in rural Uganda.

Find out more about the S.O.U.L Foundation Project

Rockflower Launches Campaign to Train Traditional Birth Attendants (Comadrona) in Guatemala

Rockflower partnered with Saving Mothers to train traditional birth attendants (Comadrona) in the rural areas of Guatemala as well as provide vital resources such as birth kits and prenatal vitamins to expectant mothers.

Rockflower Partners with the Community Services Program to Build a Maternal Health Center

Rockflower has had an ongoing partnership with Community Services Program (CSP) since the devastating earthquake in 2005. The CSP works throughout Pakistan's Azad Jammu and Kashmir region as well as Punjab on issues ranging from maternal health and gender equality to human rights and emergency relief and rehabilitation.

Rockflower and CSP Complete Maternal Health Pilot Project

During the winter of 2015, Rockflower funded a 6 month pilot project to provide a temporary maternal health center in the hilly, remote villages surrounding Muzzafarabad, the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan.

The center provided local women access to maternal health care - many for the first time. The project was launched and managed by Rockflower partner - Community Services Program - Pakistan

Rockflower Partners with Community Services Program

Rockflower is please to announce a new partnership with Community Services Program - Pakistan (CSP). The CSP is the definition of a grassroots organization creating "on the ground" solutions is some of the most remote and inaccessible locations in world.