Micro Gardens Implementation by Hope for Rural Women

Rockflower partner, Hope for Rural Women, located in Kasese, Uganda, recently completed training for 50 women in the area of micro-garden technology and mushroom growing.


The objectives of the Rockflower funded Hope for Rural Women Project are to enhance the capacity of the project's participants to boost food production and increase their income.  


Three intensive planning meetings took place after part of the project funding was used to procure of water tanks, hoes, rakes, watering cans, and pumps as well as purchase seeds.

Planning meetings covered topics such as how seeds are planted from a seed bed and how to raise mushroom at home. Particular attention is being given to ensuring that the women are able to manage and market their micro garden production.

Comprehensive training combined with monitoring and evaluating the long term impact of the project all contribute to changes in an individual woman's thinking, behaviors and attitudes toward economic development, empowering each woman participant to become become part of the solution.


Finally, discussions with the women's husbands will help in the implement of projects in the home, adding to a very direct and hands on approach with each individual member. 

The long term success of the project will depend on successfully marketing micro-gardne produce and mushrooms at first locally in Kasese with a view to eventually tapping into the market in larger urban areas such as Kampala. 

The Hope for Rural Women Project launch was met with a great sense of cooperation and team work  and all beneficiaries felt a newfound confidence from the direct application of this knowledge.