First Phase of the Pehran Project Begins

On July 6th, Rockflower partner, Community Services Pakistan, began a three month training of 25 young women in the art of Kashmiri Pehran.  The objective of the Pehran Project is to establish a Gurase Valley brand which will increase the visibility and value of female hand-made products. This in turn will emphasize the importance of providing skills and opportunities for these young women, many whose a primary level education would severely limit access to vocational learning.


The project launch was attended by more than 70 people in the village of Phulawai, UC Gurase in district Neelum AJK. Two qualified trainers began work with the first group of women to demonstrate the art of Pehran. Items such as baskets, lachka (ladies cap), handkerchiefs and baby scarves were made. The participants ranged in age from 18 to 30, and for many this was the first opportunity for any kind of skills training with a potential to increase opportunity for economic empowerment. 


All verbal training is being done in both Urdu and Shina languages, Shina being the local language of the village Phulawai, UC Gurase. 

The first phase of this pilot project will be completed on October 6th. 

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