Encouraging Female Entrepreneurship in Rural Pakistan Through Support of Traditional Cultural Crafts

Women in emerging economies often face huge challenges in creating opportunities for financial independence. Combining education with entrepreneurial endeavors is a significant first stage to maximize women's earning and saving potential.

Bringing much needed training and economic opportunities to women living in rural Pakistan was made possible through a fundraising campaign supported by Rockflower and The Community Service Program, a multi-disciplinary non-governmental organization working to generate and revitalize Kashmir's rural economy.

The fundraiser was part of an ongoing Rockflower sponsored pilot project taking place in the Gurase Valley -  the Pehran Project - which will provide training and services to Kashmiri women in order to

  • maximize the quality of their arts and crafts

  • establish a Gurase Valley "brand"

  • increase the visibility and value of their products

According to Siddique Hussain, CSP's Chief Executive, "The CSP team is thankful to Rockflower's efforts and commitment to the Pehran Project and in particular to Lulu Ward and Megan Quick for their persistence and dedication to this fundraiser which will support the continuing implementation of our program as a model project, not only for sister NGOs, but for the government of AJ&K as well."

The fundraiser was led by Rockflower Youth Advisory Board members, Lulu Ward and Megan Quick whose passion for helping women recognize and realize their full earning potential inspired them to take on this cause.