Hannah's Love of Baking Brings Financial Independence to Young Women in Uganda


As part of the "Giving Girls and Women Marketable Skills for Livelihoods" partner project, Rockflower and Ugandan Women Advocacy and Development Services completed a campaign to fund vocational training and economic opportunities for 20 young women in Mbale, Eastern Uganda.

The fundraiser was led by Rockflower Youth Advisory Board member, Hannah Delany. Hannah is a passionate baker and was inspired to run the fundraiser on behalf of the UWADS. 

Twenty young women will receive training in baking and marketing baking products, such as cakes, bread, buns, chapatis, doughnuts and cookies. Young women selected to receive training will include girls forced to leave school due to economic hardship, single mothers, and graduates from college who have tried in vain to find work.

In addition to teaching 20 young women baking and business skills, the raised funds will also be used to:

  • Construct a baking oven

  • Purchase a dough mixer

  • Purchase bread baking utensils, supplies, uniforms, and ingredients

  • Pay instructor salaries

"We are so grateful to Rockflower for their willingness to partner with us. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude to the whole team and especially to Hannah for her great role in raising these funds. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of the Baking Project over the next few months" - Moreen Hamboye, Exective Director of UWADS.

Uganda Women Advocacy and Development Services (UWADS), is a community-based organization working with the rural communities of Mbale Districts in Eastern Uganda. The organization was founded in 2008 with the overall aim of improving the livelihoods of rural women and youth with a focus on supporting and empowering the most disadvantaged and marginalized community groups.

UWADS advocates for the rights of women to find their own voice and to build their capacity to promote health, economic empowerment, education and to seek to eliminate all forms of violence against girls and women.