Rockflower Funds Prenatal Health Services in Uganda


As part of the "S.O.U.L Foundation Project" partnership, Rockflower and the S.O.U.L Foundation completed a campaign that will provide prenatal healthcare services to women in Uganda. Prenatal services are targeted at preventing three common delays:

  • The delay to seek care

  • The delay to reach proper medical services, and

  • The delay to access quality care

by expanding:

  • Training in critical prenatal and postnatal care, financial and family planning, nutrition, breastfeeding, and positive health behaviors.

  • Provision of maternal health classes and ultrasound screenings

  • Administration of birthing kits and prenatal vitamins.

The campaign raised funds to provide prenatal healthcare services to 470 women.

Read more about the project on our "S.O.U.L. Foundation Project" partner page and check back for updates on the participants progress.

This Initiative was led by Rockflower Global Ambassadors Emily and Taylor Washburn. Congratulations to Emily and Taylor and the Rockflower / SO.U.L. Foundation team for completing this very successful campaign.