Rockflower Funds Takhar Education Initiative

Rockflower completed funding of an initiative to expand education opportunities for girls in the Takhar region of Afghanistan.  The fundraiser was spearheaded by Youth Advisory Board member, Olivia Corner, as part Rockflower's Youth Advisory Board Crowdfunding Project.

The goal of the fundraiser was to send 50 girls to school for one year. The funding went to tuition (including teacher salaries) and education supplies. The next school term starts in mid March 2017.

100% of the raised funds was donated to Afghan Connection.

Afghan Connection's CEO, Sarah Fane, had the following to say about the initiative:

"Afghan Connection is delighted to receive this wonderful support from Rockflower. Funds raised will pay for 50 girls in a remote and impoverished area of North Afghanistan to go to school for a year. In this area, barely a single adult woman is literate and there is a great desire for the girls to go to school. Thanks to Rockflower and its supporters, 50 girls will have their lives transformed and in turn will transform the future for their families and communities."

Building on the success of this fundraiser, Rockflower plans to raise funds to provide educational opportunities for an additional 550 girls as part of Rockflower's Takhar Education Initiative.