Rockflower Launches Fundraiser to Empower Single Women Who Head Families in India

Rockflower launched a fundraiser to empower single women who head families in India. The fundraiser is part of Rockflower's "Sustainable Economic Development of Single Women Headed Families" partnership with The Society for Participatory Research and Integrated Training (SPRIT) in Tamil Nadu, India.

The project will be carried out in 15 coastal villages in Tamil Nadu, India and will establish economic opportunities for 150 women over the course of 3 years.

The goal for this fundraiser is to empower 30 women with sustainable economic development practices by:

  • Extending credit assistance for appropriate income generation activities (Sea weed collection/ cultivation, Thatched roof making & Fish vending)

  • Organizing monthly meetings where the women can openly discuss their problems and explore the potential for sustainable livelihoods.

  • Providing regular training in family, business and leadership advancement skills.

100% of the $3,000 goal will be donated to the SPRIT.

The success of this fundraiser will aid in establishing the framework to extend economic opportunities through credit assistance, support and training to 150 women for 3 years.

Please take a moment to visit the "Empower Single Women Who Head Families in India" fundraising page.

The fundraiser is being led by Youth Advisory Board members, Francesca Ward and Connor West, as part Rockflower's Youth Advisory Board Crowdfunding Project.