Rockflower Invests in Business Training Program For Young Women in Kenya

As part of the "Kisumu County Women Entrepreneurship Training" partnership, Rockflower and Jiwo Paro, are launching a business management training program to equip young women entrepreneurs with business management and entrepreneurship skills.

The investment will result in a two month business management training program for 200 women between the ages of 18-35 in Kisumu County, Kenya.

"We are delighted that this training will build on our established skills-redness program for underserved women in Kenya. I thank you for your vision and foresight about how our institutions can work together in a meaningful way, and for providing support in this meaningful and innovative work." - Managing Director at Jiwo Paro Group

Read more about the Kisumu County Women Entrepreneurship Training partnership and stay tuned for updates on participant progress.

Investment for this initiative was procurred through the fund raising efforts of Rockflower Youth Board Advisors Conner West and Lulu Ward. Congratulations to Conner and Lulu and the Rockflower / Jiwo Paro team for launching this vital campaign.