Rockflower Invests in Women’s Collective of Astillero

In partnership with Casa Congo, a social enterprise based in Astillero, Nicaragua, an investment has been made for the second time into the Women's Collective of Astillero. The founding members of the Collective, The Tejedoras are a group of local women in Astillero who started an up cycling business over 11 years ago. They weave plastic bags found on the beach and roads and transform them into beautiful products such as wallets, hats, phone cases, bags, and water bottle holders.  

This recent investment will be used to expand a Juice and Smoothie bar  launched and run by the Collective in December of 2017.  By increasing the space and over time introducing blender bikes, solar panels, compost toilets and a water filtration system the Tejedoras will have built yet another successful business enterprise. Read more about the The Women's Collective at Astillero project. 

Investment for this initiative was procured through the fund raising efforts of Rockflower Youth Advisor and Casa Congo team member Francesca Ward and Casa Congo volunteers Cobo Alvarez de Toledo, Hannah Rikeman and Bianca Acland. Congratulations to the Rockflower / Caso Congo team who worked tirelessly to complete this campaign in time for their May arrival to assist with the upgrade. Stay tuned for additional progress reports.