Rockflower is partnering with IMPACT MATTERS - a new Not for Profit impact auditor who will evaluate short and long term project impact.



We remain committed to the development of high level indicators that will guide us in better understanding  exactly how to have real and measurable impact in the lives of women and girls.

We will work to implement a set of criteria and goals that will enhance not hinder reporting systems of our partners and find ways to share lessons learned in the practical application of creative solutions.

Rockflower will measure the success of their relationships with partners and investors by standards, such as,

  • Depth of local impact
  • Breadth of global impact
  • Lives touched
  • Longevity of social and community impact
  • Number of projects completed
  • Number of partner relationships
  • Total investment dollars

We will develop a system that understands the need and importance of capturing data whilst at the same time recognizing that every woman and girl is an individual with hopes and dreams and not just a number on a graph.

If we don’t have data, we can’t tell you or ourselves what has been accomplished and what is left to do.
— Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State

Our intention is to demonstrate the real power of collective impact. Developing a shared measurement system is essential in this endeavor.

“Funding collective impact initiatives costs money, but it can be a highly leveraged investment. A backbone organization with a modest annual budget can support a collective impact initiative of several hundred organizations magnifying the impact of millions or even billions of dollars in existing funding.” Collective Impact: John Kania and Mark Kramer, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2001.