Radical Idealism, Practically Realized

We take a more abstract view on measuring impact that most. Recognizing that there is a growing call to measure everything, the obsession with due diligence and data can prove to be extremely onerous for small community-based organizations and start up social enterprises. We work to ensure a balance between overseeing efficient use of funds whilst maintaining an open mind to the unmeasurable.

Esther Dufflo, one of the world’s leading development economists wrote in 2012 for The Economist,  an article, “The Audacity of Hope”, emphasizing that something as unscientific and unquantifiable as hope can be the missing link between success and failure.  

We have learned through experience that sometimes the most well-presented concept notes, with good references can bely an ad hoc approach, whereas some of the least well written and chaotic presentations can be hiding an exceptional idea. After all isn’t that what we are here to do, assisting those with brilliant ideas to bring them to the light of day. The definition of “Venture” is precisely that to “ dare to do something or go somewhere that may be dangerous or unpleasant.”  

We call this the Currency of Mind™, which is based on the premise that the mind is the most valuable and powerful currency.  Everything of value starts with an idea created in someone's mind. When you share an idea it increases, it expands and takes on energy – becomes currency.

Measuring that currency can be easy in terms of number of lives impacted directly, but hard to gauge in terms of the ripple effect of sharing those ideas, and how those ideas may be catalysts for other transformative approaches. 

When we have 50 projects funded in our portfolio we will be conducting an Impact audit with IMPACT MATTERS and look forward to sharing a more concrete analysis of our funding approach and results in the future. 


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Case Studies

Cherehani Africa

Cherehani Africa is an excellent example of a Rockflower partner who benefitted from relatively small early investment and is now on track to become one of Kenya’s leaders in democratizing entrepreneurship for women in East Africa.

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CSP - Pakistan

Rockflower and Community Services Program - Pakistan have completed several projects together, each linked together by The Five Keys. The CSP provides a vital link in development and opportunity for women living in rural Pakistan.

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Ugandan Women Advocacy and Development Services is a community based organization working to provide economic opportunities to those women and girls who would be otherwise be left out of the development equation.