Rockflower and CSP Complete Maternal Health Pilot Project

Maternal Health Center in the Village of Chiran

Maternal Health Center in the Village of Chiran

During the winter of 2015, Rockflower funded a 6 month pilot project to provide a temporary maternal health center in the hilly, remote villages surrounding Muzzafarabad, the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan.

The center provided local women access to maternal health care - many for the first time. The project was launched and managed by Rockflower partner - Community Services Program - Pakistan

The results of the project show the need for ongoing investment to establish a permanent maternal health center in the area: 

  • 28 deliveries conducted successfully

  • 8 additional pregnancies with complications were referred to CMH Muzaffarabad

  • 5 antenatal/post natal care camps were organized reaching 273 women

  • 931 general patients (mostly children under 5 years) were checked and 31 referred to CMH CMH Muzaffarabad

  • 69 mothers had access to basic education through a 3-month adult literacy course

Building on the success of the pilot, the CSP has begun working with a team of Danish doctors and the local government to continue to invest in much needed, local maternal health resources.

As winter hits once again in 2016, Rockflower is committed to supporting CSP in establishing a permanent facility that will serve the 18 villages surrounding Muzzafarabad.