Astillero Women's Collective

International Day of the Girl

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On International Day of the Girl, we celebrate the many ways that our partners work to enhance the opportunities available for girls to reach their full potential.

In Global Ambassador Francesca Ward’s guest blog post detailing her experiences during two summers working with Casa Congo, in Astillero, Nicaragua, she touches on the many ways gender equality is being achieved. One simple one is the need to get more young girls surfing. This is just one way to level the playing field for young girls to see what is possible in determining a new path for their futures.

Read more about the incredible example their mothers are setting for the next generation through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Astillero Women's Collective Project Expansion into Agroecology


Rockflower is pleased to announce an additional level of support to Casa Congo for the Center for Agroecology in El Astillero, Nicaragua. The center is designed to ensure long term investment in the production and management of food in the community. This will provide a continuation in knowledge sharing and skills training and build a platform of success for the Astillero Women’s Collective, through the Women’s Apprenticeship Program and the Women 4 Water Project.

The Women’s Apprenticeship Program trains apprentices in agroecological processes and agroforestry systems. Once the apprenticeship is completed, the graduates are provided with initial resources to grow or improve their own gardens. All of the apprentices have been members of the Astillero Women’s Collective.

The Women 4 Water Project is a funding program to help women buy water tanks so that they can capture rainwater during the rainy season and store water from the town well during the dry season.

Learn more about the Agroecology Project.

Rockflower Invests in Women’s Collective of Astillero

Rockflower Invests in Women’s Collective of Astillero

In partnership with Casa Congo, a social enterprise based in Astillero, Nicaragua, an investment has been made  for the second time into the Women's Collective of Astillero. The founding members of the Collective, The Tejedoras are a group of local women in Astillero who started an up cycling business over 11 years ago.

Pilot Project Begins for the Women's Collective in Astillero, Nicaragua

Rockflower has partnered with Casa Congo and the Tejedoras to develop a pilot project to kickstart a Women's Collective which will allow these women an opportunity to further expand upon their business ideas with access to credit.  The first phase of the pilot project began in late July with an early stage investment into a juice and smoothie bar. The Tejedoras will be trained in all aspects of juice, smoothie and ice-cream production and will be responsible for the day to day running and management of the venture.