Casa Congo



Location: Astillero, Nicaragua
Key(s): Economic Empowerment, Education

Casa Congo is a conservation movement with a mission to empower communities with skills & tools for sustainable development. We’re building a school in Nicaragua to share knowledge with the local community and international students around conservation practices that can preserve the natural environment whilst regenerating the economy. Our practice is founded on four pillars: ecology, ocean advocacy, built environments and community.

Mission: Our mission is to empower communities with the tools and skills for sustainable development.


Support the local woman's collective Las Tejedoras, or “The Weavers” who create beautiful bags, hats, wallets and other products from plastic bags discarded on the streets and beaches of Astillero. Their slogan is “One Bag Less, One Turtle More”.

With the help of Rockflower, we helped Las Tejedoras to successfully open their second business, a smoothie bar, in December 2017.

With their two businesses, the Tejedoras are able to provide for their families and show the future generations of El Astillero that the women of the community are motivated, powerful, and viable businesswomen.

Community development impacts

$7,500 in seed funding provided to local creative and cultural ventures.

40,000 discarded plastic bags repurposed into beautiful bags and wares by the Tejadoras.

4 educational murals brighten up Astillero and inspire environmentalism.


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