Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2019

Mother Earth is the greatest expression of the potential for a regenerative and reparative economy. The skill of mothering is in knowing just how far you can stretch to accommodate your children’s needs before recognizing that you are beyond your limit. Humanity has indeed pushed Mother Earth to her limit, and we need to apologize and make reparations before it is too late.  

Rockflower was founded on the premise that we need a new economic paradigm – one based on the logic of mothering. You do not need to be a woman or a mother to practice the art of mothering, but you must understand and carry out it’s basic tenets. Tolerance, compassion, empathy and a nuanced approach to risk and reward. 

Rockflower works with those who weed, nurture, till and fertilize agents of change, who will reimagine a new earth, one of shared abundance and prosperity.

At the center of the Rockflower Wheel is the word “integrity”.  By focussing on this central principle of wholeness and truth, and propelling that dynamism and energy outwards for the increase and exponential reward of others, our partners engage with all five principles of trust, compassion, clarity, equality and dignity, in order to proceed through the five keys and systems to ensure the desired outcomes. 

This Mother’s Day, we would like to recognize the extraordinary work of all of our partners, for their continued resolve, patience and determination to birth a new inclusive economy. However, by choosing to highlight the appropriately named Mamas for Burundi, we honor an organization working against the backdrop of 30 years of conflict, who are continually redrawing the lines to find new ways in addressing the screaming inequity of poverty and violence. 

Mamas for Burundi shares the holistic Five Key approach of Rockflower in seeking interconnected and multi-layered approaches to ensure progress for future generations. They work on traditional approaches to education, reading and writing proficiency at grade level, whilst exploring new approaches to vocational training. They tackle the dire consequences of child marriage, unwanted pregnancies and an archaic approach to women’s health and wellbeing with modern approaches to contraception and a reassessment of rights. Above all they recognize that in order to achieve long lasting socio-economic recovery, the foundation must be the inclusion of female leadership in all civic and government positions. To develop a culture of peace and stability, women and mothers must be at the forefront of change. To address solutions to climate change, you must start by asking those most adversely affected by it – those in need of food, water and shelter for their families. 

On May 12th, 2019, and every day forward, we celebrate all who understand that it will be through the radical acceptance of the art of mothering, that we will see the practical realization of an economy that feeds and nurtures every individual human being in the knowledge that everyone deserves that kind of Mother Love.