Promotion of Maternal and Reproductive Health in the Six Provinces of Burundi


Location: Burundi

Project Background

Girls in the 12 to 24 age group are sexually active in Burundi. As a result, 33% die during childbirth (Dr Juma Ndereye, Director General of the National Reproductive Health Program).

Mamas for Burundi (MAFOBA) wants to inform parents about the ways they can discuss sexual and reproductive health with their children. Most girls and teenagers are sexually active but do not practice safe sex. There are many with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies. Consequently, those that get abortions do so clandestinely and result in maternal death.

Additionally, more than 20% of girls and teenagers in the 6 target provinces of MAFOBA suffer from obstetric fistula (or vesico-genital fistula). This can be a result of prolonged and difficult labor without an obstetric intervention (caesarean section) performed in a timely manner. The fetus exerts excess pressure on the internal organs and damages tissue. In most cases, the baby dies and the mother suffers from severe incontinence that leads to ulcer infections, and sometimes death.

Access to reliable information on maternal and reproductive health could solve a lot of these problems. MAFOBA plans to provide this information and involve parents, educators and communities in the process. MAFOBA will create health clubs to gradually integrate more maternal and reproductive health education into school curriculums. There will also be adolescent reproductive health services and youth (SSRAJ) added to health centers, also known as “friends” to support social networking within the community.

Project Partner:

Mamas for Burundi Association

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