SIRP's First Training Session

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Society for Improvement of Rural People (SIRP) has begun their first training session of the End Female Genital Mutilation and Keep Girls in School project.

The training sessions focus on engaging with spiritual and community leaders in the Akwuke region to convey the importance of education for girls and the impact that female genital mutilation (FGM) can have on them mentally, physically and in their future economic development. These leaders can then analyze the affect their culture and traditions have on girls within the community.

Through training sessions like this one, our goal is to reduce the current FGM rates from 85% to 45% by the end of this 12 month project.  

Rockflower Partnership Aims to End Female Genital Mutilation in Rural Nigeria


Rockflower is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Society for the Improvement of Rural People (SIRP), an NGO devoted to providing voice and  service to the less privileged and vulnerable segments of the Nigerian society.

The partnership aims to provide support for a 12 month campaign in Akwuke, Enugu State to reduce the prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM) with a specific focus on keeping girls in school.

Based on research conducted by the Enugu State Ministry of Gender Affairs, Akwuke community scored an average of 81 – 85% in the prevalence rate of FGM practice in Enugu State. The "End Female Genital Mutiliation and Keep Girls in School" project aims to reduce this average to 45%.

Find out more about the End Female Genital Mutiliation and Keep Girls in School project.