Peace and Security

SOFEDI Women's Participation and Peace Building Training Session


Solidarité des Femmes pour le Développement Intégral (SOFEDI) works to bring peace and security to the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their goals are to assist women in playing a pivotal role in the peace-building process and be able to seek accountability for gender-related crimes in their transitional justice systems.

Training sessions are one way for SOFEDI to achieve these goals. A session was held from the 28th to the 30th of November for 55 women in Kazimia, Fizi district, South Kivu Province. Essential points that were focused on include: resolutions to conflicts and construction of peace; opportunities for women’s leadership and involvement in the peace-making process. These points also address the aims of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, which states:

UNSCR 1325 affirms that peace and security efforts are more sustainable when women are equal partners in the prevention of violent conflict, the delivery of relief and recovery efforts and in the forging of lasting peace.
— United States Institute for Peace

Day 1: November 28

The first day covered multiple themes, such as the effects that conflict has on women, peace negotiation skills, conflict management and the roles of local women in demobilization and reconciliation efforts. While the program is information based, practical activities, group discussions and videos were planned for those who cannot read and write (female literacy rates are less than 40% in the rural areas of the DRC).


Day 2: November 29

The second day focused on conflict attitudes and management. For example, attitudes toward conflict are: turtle (tendency to avoid), shark (tendency to compete), teddy bear (tendency to give way), fox (looking for compromise), and owl (tendency to collaborate). Each have their advantages and disadvantages and for the women to understand their dominant styles helps in handling conflict situations and adapting accordingly.

Day 3: November 30

The last day was led by Atuu Sincere, sociologist and director of Sauver la Femme et la Fille du Katanga (SAFEKA), and focused on the notion of leadership. The main activity of the day was the Training of Trainers Workshop. It builds the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the participating local women leaders to enable them to participate in peace-building in the areas ravaged by ongoing conflicts.

Rockflower Completes Fundraising Campaign to Begin First Phase of Training Peacebuilders in the DRC

SOFEDI 2.png

Rockflower’s partnership with Solidarité des Femmes pour le Développement Intégral (SOFEDI) has begun after the completion of their initial fundraising campaign. The first phase of training women in conflict prevention and peace-building in the Democratic Republic of Congo will begin soon, as the campaign has not only reached its goal but exceeded it.

The first phase of training will include: promotion of women's human rights through training of monitors; increasing women’s representation in public decision-making; combating violence and ensuring zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination against women and girls; promote leadership transformation; promote good governance practices; and build and strengthen women’s coalitions for women’s empowerment.

Hannah Dawicki, a member of our Youth Advisory Board, led the Promote Women's Participation in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building campaign to it’s successful conclusion.

Promote Women's Participation in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building


Rockflower is launching a campaign to begin work with Solidarité des Femmes pour le Développement Intégral (SOFEDI) on the first of three training activities to educate and inspire women in marginalized communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo to actively contribute to a just, peaceful and democratic society.

The goal for this fundraising campaign is to train 50 women peer educators in conflict prevention and peace building. These women will go on to train a further 200 women in conflict prevention and peace building.

Funds raised from this campaign will cover the costs of renting meeting space and purchasing training materials as well as participant transportation and meal costs.

The Promote Women's Participation in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building campaign is being led by Youth Advisory Board member Hannah Dawicki.


With elections scheduled for December 23rd, 2018 in the Democratic Republic of Congo and tensions running high as to the outcome, Rockflower’s newest partnership with SOFEDI is particularly timely.

Solidarité des Femmes pour le Développement Intégral (SOFEDI) was established in 2014 as a grassroots, community-based, not-for-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kazimia, Fizi District Administration Office (DAO). Since its inception, SOFEDI has been advocating for women's and girls' access to decision making in political, social and economic positions within the community.

Within a short period of time, SOFEDI has established itself as a leading organization working in the sector of women's equal participation in decision making. It has introduced and established the agenda "Women in Politics", which has been expanded and adopted by others in the district. The organization has continuously supported and advocated for human rights, social protection and the establishment of democratic practices. It has implemented voter education programs in Fizi zone, to educate the public on leadership opportunities for women and girls.

Rockflower Completes Funding in Support of Women Leaders

Providing continued impetus for Rockflower’s Youth Advisory Board and their ongoing crowdfunding initiative was the recently completed fundraiser for Rockflower partner The Institute for Inclusive Security. The goal was to raise funds to support the cost of sending one woman to the annual colloquium in Harvard in January.

Rockflower Launches Fundraiser to Promote Global Peace and Security - Training of Mobilizers

Today, Rockflower launched a fundraiser to send one world-changing, women leader to the annual Institute for Inclusive Security’s colloquium in Cambridge, MA.

An event like no other - a transformative week for both the global peace leaders and the audiences with whom they interact.