Society for the Improvement of Rural People



Location: Nigeria
Key(s): Maternal and Reproductive Health

Society for the Improvement of Rural People is an NGO registered in Nigeria. Since 2011 SIRP has been involved in developing school governance frameworks, with support from the Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria(ESSPIN) in Enugu State, Nigeria. SIRP key activities are: Advocacy to schools to deal with issues of Inclusive education and providing support to SBMC functionality, women and children's committees in the 3 LGAs. 

Mission: To promote quality service delivery that would improve the living conditions of the people, while ensuring true partnership, accountability and good governance.

Vision: To be a civil society organization role-model in providing voice and service to the less privileged and vulnerable segments of the society.


Organized free HIV/AIDS testing and counseling outreaches in various rural communities in Enugu State.

Increased the knowledge of rural communities on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the stigma around female genital mutilation and reproductive health of girl children.

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