Kinyamaseke Girls Youth in Development



Location: Kasese, Uganda
Key(s): Economic Empowerment

Kinyamaseke Girls Youth in Development (KYID) was formed in 2008 in an effort to unite all vulnerable youth to awaken their talents in acquiring new skills and knowledge through non-formal education to improve their lives and become active members of the community. 

The organization’s intention is to break the domestic violence cycle created by social structures which undermine the rights of girls; keeping them ignorant of their life choices to contribute to their personal development. 

KYID advocates for respect, dignity, freedom of speech and the recognition of female youths as important contributors to development programs. By overcoming the challenges of cultural morns detrimental to their lives, they promote their rights and bring the community together around a shared endeavor. They promote non-discrimination and inclusion of indigenous female youth in programming resource projects and promoting full effective participation directly or indirectly to affect their life styles. 

Mission: To promote a community of female youth that is responsible, tolerant, accountable, empathetically transformed, respectful, and working voluntarily to improve their livelihood for meaningful development.



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