Chitani Community Sustainable Development Organization



Location: Kasese, Uganda
Key(s): Economic Empowerment

CHICOSUDO was founded by concerned community individuals after the recognition of an increase in pregnant girls in Lunzu area. Together with high rates of HIV among women and youth and how difficult it was for widows, orphans and vulnerable children to get their basic needs of food, health and education met. It started by strengthening the capacity of marginalized groups of Mulanje and Blantyre districts. The organisation is run by 5 staff members and 20 volunteers who represent at the village level. The team has different experiences and is governed by board of trustees. CHICOSUDO was registered with Malawi Government under the Trustees incorporation Act in 2007.

Mission: To alleviate poverty, hunger, disease, injustice and illiteracy among marginalized women and children through information development and dissemination, empowerment and advocacy.

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