End Child Marriage Now!!! Promote Her Rights Project

Location: Malawi

Project background

End Child Marriage Now!!! Promote Her Rights project is a six month campaign that will be implemented in the village of Ntonya located in the Mulanje district. The campaign will advocate for policies against child marriage and raise awareness on sexual and reproductive health to address the knowledge gap within communities.

Chitani Community Sustainable Development (CHICOSUDO) will strengthen community capacity at three levels:

  1. Train traditional leaders as gatekeepers.

  2. Work with committee members, community based volunteers, victim support unit members, mother group organizations, development committee members and area development committee members

  3. Engage men to become protectors of their girl children at the household level

To reach these targeted girls, CHICOSUDO will train community based volunteers to become paralegals and peer educators. These volunteers will be responsible for providing counselling on information regarding sexual and reproductive health, report any form of violence, and raise awareness of campaigns happening in their communities.

The project will also work closely with local relevant stakeholders to provide the community outreach needed to ensure sexual and reproductive health rights for these girl children.

ABOUT Chitani community sustainable development organization (CHICOSUDO)

CHICOSUDO was founded by concerned community individuals after the recognition of an increase in pregnant girls in Lunzu area.  Together with high rates of HIV among women and youth and how difficult it was for widows, orphans and vulnerable children to get their basic needs of food, health and education met. It started by strengthening the capacity of marginalized groups of Mulanje and Blantyre districts. The organisation is run by 5 staff members and 20 volunteers who represent at the village level. The team has different experiences and is governed by board of trustees. CHICOSUDO was registered with Malawi Government under the Trustees incorporation Act in 2007.  

The mission of CHICOSUDO is to alleviate poverty, hunger, disease, injustice and illiteracy among marginalized women and children through information development and dissemination, empowerment and advocacy. Objectives include:

  • To promote and protect the rights of marginalized groups namely women, girls, children, people living with HIV and AIDS, elderly and people with physical disabilities.

  • To improve education standards for children and youth to enable them gain skills to maximize their potential.

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